When trying to choose the right pickup truck, there are many choices. For those who cannot afford to or choose not to purchase a new pickup, a certified pre-owned vehicle can offer more peace of mind than an uncertified used vehicle. CPO trucks come with a verified vehicle history, dealership support and extended warranty protection; CPO vehicles also undergo a thorough inspection before dealers will certify them. These things, of course, mean that CPO vehicles cost more than their non-CPO counterparts.

So which CPO pickups are the most affordable? The answer can be found in a recent study from automotive analyst iSeeCars.com. The study looked at the top seven most popular light-duty pickups and calculated the average cost difference between a certified pre-owned pickup and a used truck sold privately. This data will help you to better decide whether the warranty and certification is worth the added cost.

Below are how the seven trucks stacked up, showing the price premium for a CPO truck and the percentage difference in cost from a non-CPO pickup.

  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500: $529, 1.9 percent
  • GMC Sierra 1500: $646, 2.1 percent
  • Toyota Tacoma: $656, 2.7 percent
  • Ram 1500: $766, 2.8 percent
  • Chevrolet Colorado: $743, 3.0 percent
  • Toyota Tundra: $1,110, 3.6 percent
  • Ford F-150: $1,341, 4.2 percent
  • Average for pickups: $829, 2.8 percent

For this study, iSeeCars analyzed more than 1 million used vehicles from the 2015 model year sold between April and September 2018 to identify cost differences between CPO and equivalent non-CPO used vehicles