This Is The Baby Ram 1500 Pickup We Want In The US

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This Is The Baby Ram 1500 Pickup We Want In The US

This Is The Baby Ram 1500 Pickup We Want In The US

Yesterday by Karl Furlong Trucks

Not everyone needs a large truck.

In America, bigger usually means better, and that's never more true than for the pickup truck. It's why the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 are such massive sellers. But what about the buyer who wants a more affordable, smaller workhorse that isn't a chore to cram into the garage? Yes, there is the Ford Ranger, but we're talking even smaller.

In other parts of the world, there are many options, such as the all-new Fiat Strada sold in Brazil and badged elsewhere as the Ram 700. And, because even owners of compact trucks are fans of customization, Mopar has come up with more than 50 accessories for the tiny truck that makes us realize what we're missing out on.

The pickup seen here is based on the Fiat Strada Freedom cabin Plus model but looks way more interesting thanks to Mopar's upgrades. These include a removable trailer hitch, a bicycle holder, and a bucket divider. The striking blue and black paintwork is a sporty touch.

This special Strada was a combined effort between Mopar and the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Design Center as a showcase of the personalization potential for what is already Brazil's top-selling pickup. Mopar has already had its way with the bigger Ram 1500, and the smaller Strada proves that FCA's in-house tuner hasn't lost its touch.

Another major difference between the Strada and most other trucks sold here is its unibody construction. The Honda Ridgeline is another rarity in this respect, yet has proven to be one of the nicest trucks to live with. This should make the Fiat perfectly comfortable for smaller, one- or two-man operations, with acceptable road manners and just enough space to throw in a few supplies.

In the US, the Ram badge should bolster its appeal, and it isn't large enough to steal sales from the Ram 1500. Throw in a few of these Mopar accessories, and we're pretty much sold. So, how about it, FCA?