Ford Super Duty Gets Angry New Face

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Ford Super Duty Gets Angry New Face

37 mins ago by Martin Bigg Tuning / 1 Comment

This will eat Ram and Silverado trucks for breakfast.

The Ford Super Duty is one of the most powerful and capable heavy-duty trucks on the market, but that hasn't stopped aftermarket tuners from making it even better. Renowned tuner Roush can make your F-250 Super Duty or F-350 Super Duty more hardcore with its range of off-road enhancements, but they look tame compared to this latest offering by Fab Four.

Dubbed the Grumper 2.0, the new tuning package adds a new grille and bumper to the F-250 Super Duty or F-350 Super Duty, and the result is one very sinister Super Duty that looks like it could eat Silverado and Ram trucks that get in its way for breakfast.

The grille is so massive that it can incorporate a 30-inch LED light bar and up to four light pods, while the bumper features an integrated winch.

To help the engine breathe, new air intake cutouts help increase the truck's airflow and an available relocation kit retains the Super Duty's factory adaptive cruise control functionality. A relocation kit is also required when running a light bar. Unlike Fab Four's previous Grumper kit, there are no exposed fasteners for a more refined look, but it still looks wild. The gigantic grille is fully customizable too, with multiple color options available for the tunnel insert.

The model shown is based on the plush Ford F-350 Platinum trim fitted with a wealth of additional upgrades, including a six-inch BDS lift kit with upgraded Fox shocks, an open fender kit, and massive 44-inch off-road tires. Fab Four's new Gumper 2.0 kit is available for $3,100, plus the cost of the donor truck.

For reference, a 2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty starts at $34,035 for the base XL model and $83,930 for the range-topping Limited trim, while the F-350 Super Duty XL will set you back $35,550 and the Limited trim starts at $85,105 excluding destination charges.