By Patrick Rall Jun 13 2018

The new Ford F-150 Raptor has proven to be incredibly popular with new-truck-shoppers, so it comes as little surprise that the Motor Company has once again increased the base pricing for the 450-horsepower off-road beast.

The Ford F-150 Raptor is currently unrivaled as the most off-road-capable truck sold in America. In fact, it is likely the most capable truck in the world when it comes to handling rough terrain at high speeds, and as has been the case since the Raptor was introduced years ago – the high performance half-ton has been popular since it went on sale. When the current Raptor began hitting dealerships, there was a backlog of orders and plenty of dealer markups as buyers scrambled to get into the 450-horsepower pickup.

As is generally the case with popular, high priced models like the Raptor, the Motor Company has gradually increased pricing and according to CarsDirect, the most recent price hike adds $660 to the bottom line of all 2018 Raptors sold going forward.

2018 F-150 Raptor Pricing
The 2018 Raptor is available in Super Cab or Super Crew form, with the smaller of the two (Super Cab) beginning at $52,170 with destination while the larger model starts at $55,155. Those numbers are up $660 from the previous figures of $51,510 and $54,495, but when the pricing was originally announced for the 2018 Raptor, the “base model” started at $51,080, so the price of the high performance pickup has effectively risen by $1,090 over the course of a year.

An Immaterial Increase
While some people will grumble about the always-rising price of modern trucks, the fact of that matter is that an increase of $660 won’t stop anyone from buying a 2018 Raptor if they had already planned to do so. When we are talking about a truck that starts around $52k and quickly climbs into the mid-60s, $660 – or slightly more than 1% - is immaterial. Even the thousand dollar increase over the course of the last year likely hasn’t changed the mind of any buyers who wanted a Raptor and that is why price hikes like this happen.

Even with the higher prices, it is a safe bet that the 450-horsepower F-150 Raptor will keep on selling like hotcakes. The people who are always whining about the price of new vehicles will use this as their latest reason to rage, but for the people who buy vehicles like this - the price hike doesn't matter.