Black Bison Suzuki Jimny Looks Like A Baby G-Class

10 hours ago by Michael Butler Design

Wald International does it again.

The Suzuki Jimny is one of those forbidden fruits that we wish we could have in the US, but never will. This tiny Japanese off-roader is known to outperform cars double its size and price, and look super cute while doing so. A big part of why the Jimny is so loved across the world is its looks, and the latest generation truly resembles the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Some have tried to mimic the German look, but Wald International, a styling company out of Japan has finally managed to hit the nail on the head with its styling kit for the little Suzuki. We have shown you some of its past creations, including a Benz G55 and a GLE Coupe, that ended up looking like a sci-fi scene but this latest kit takes the cake.

The aim of Wald International's latest Black Bison Edition was " to create the volume on the body". The kit compromises exterior and interior mods, as well as a set of rad wheels. Firstly the wheels offered are a set of Vorsalino SUV 1pc cast / v11-c pieces and are available in 15-inch black and polished, 15-inch black, or 16-inch black and polished finish. Wrapped in beefy tires, these wheels look spot on.

Keeping with the exterior, the Black Bison kit also adds a wild vented hood, a slotted grille with headlight surrounds, and an aggressive skid plate up front. A light bar straddles the roof, and massive fender flares add a touch of agression. The rear gets a nifty little spoiler, and our favorite piece of all is the baby G Class side exit exhaust system which goes for $1,212.

The interior also sees some tasteful mods, including A-pillar surrounds, triangle pillar colored surrounds, as well as some leather-clad steering wheel options which feature red cross-stitching. The JDM-looking floor mats include the Wald International brand, and they even offer a rear cargo mat in red. The diamond-stitched seat covers look the business and will cost you between $520 and $710 a pop.

Wald does not provide pricing for the kit in its entirety, but the website does list individual pricing for single parts. If the Terminator drove a Jimny, this would be it.