Superlift 11244 5/8x3.125x11 Round U-Bolts 4-Pack w/Hardware

Superlift 11244 5/8x3.125x11 Round U-Bolts 4-Pack w/Hardware
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Chevrolet 73-86 K10 Pickup/K20 Suburban/GMC 79-86 K1500/K2500 Pickup 2WD/4WD

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Product Details

Superlift'suspension U-Bolts are manufactured from low alloy, high strength steel. U-Bolts up to 13" long have a typical yield strength of 90,000 PSI and a tensile strength of 120,000 PSI. The 14" and longer U-bolts typically have a yield strength of 115,000 PSI and 133,000 PSI tensile strength. Thread type is National Fine Class 2A. U-bolts come in either anti-corrosion zinc or black e-coat finish. Superlift U-Bolts are sold in 4-packs and come with paired, aircraft type Nylon inserted locking nuts and phosphate coated, heat treated, extra thick washers.

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1973-19862WDChevroletK10 Pickup
1973-19864WDChevroletK10 Pickup
19872WDChevroletV10 Pickup
19874WDChevroletV10 Pickup
1973-19862WDChevroletC10 Suburban
1973-19864WDChevroletC10 Suburban
1973-19862WDChevroletC20 Suburban
1973-19864WDChevroletC20 Suburban
1973-19862WDChevroletK10 Suburban
1973-19864WDChevroletK10 Suburban
1973-19862WDChevroletK20 Suburban
1987-19882WDChevroletR10 Suburban
1987-19884WDChevroletR10 Suburban
1987-19882WDChevroletR20 Suburban
1987-19884WDChevroletR20 Suburban
1987-19882WDChevroletV10 Suburban
1987-19884WDChevroletV10 Suburban
1987-19882WDChevroletV20 Suburban
1987-19884WDChevroletV20 Suburban
1989-19912WDChevroletV2500 Suburban
1989-19914WDChevroletV2500 Suburban
1989-19912WDChevroletR1500 Suburban
1989-19914WDChevroletR1500 Suburban
1989-19912WDChevroletR2500 Suburban
1989-19914WDChevroletR2500 Suburban
1989-19912WDChevroletV1500 Suburban
1989-19914WDChevroletV1500 Suburban
1973-19742WDGMCC15/C1500 Pickup
1973-19744WDGMCC15/C1500 Pickup
1973-19742WDGMCC25/C2500 Pickup
1973-19744WDGMCC25/C2500 Pickup
1973-19742WDGMCK15/K1500 PIckup
1973-19744WDGMCK15/K1500 Pickup
1973-19742WDGMCK25/K2500 Pickup
1973-19744WDGMCK25/K2500 Pickup
1975-19782WDGMCC15 Pickup
1975-19784WDGMCC15 Pickup
1975-19782WDGMCC25 Pickup
1975-19784WDGMCC25 Pickup
1975-19782WDGMCK15 Pickup
1975-19784WDGMCK15 Pickup
1975-19782WDGMCK25 Pickup
1975-19784WDGMCK25 Pickup
1979-19862WDGMCC1500 Pickup
1979-19864WDGMCC1500 Pickup
1979-19862WDGMCC2500 Pickup
1979-19864WDGMCC2500 Pickup
1979-19862WDGMCK1500 Pickup
1979-19864WDGMCK1500 Pickup
1979-19862WDGMCK2500 Pickup
1979-19864WDGMCK2500 Pickup
19872WDGMCV1500 Pickup
19874WDGMCV1500 Pickup
1973-19742WDGMCC15/C1500 Suburban
1973-19744WDGMCC15/C1500 Suburban
1973-19742WDGMCC25/C2500 Suburban
1973-19744WDGMCC25/C2500 Suburban
1973-19742WDGMCK15/K1500 Suburban
1973-19744WDGMCK15/K1500 Suburban
1973-19742WDGMCK25/K2500 Suburban
1973-19744WDGMCK25/K2500 Suburban
1975-19782WDGMCC15 Suburban
1975-19784WDGMCC15 Suburban
1975-19782WDGMCC25 Suburban
1975-19784WDGMCC25 Suburban
1975-19782WDGMCK15 Subruban
1975-19784WDGMCK15 Suburban
1979-19862WDGMCC1500 Suburban
1979-19864WDGMCC1500 Suburban
1979-19862WDGMCC2500 Suburban
1979-19864WDGMCC2500 Suburban
1979-19862WDGMCK1500 Suburban
1979-19864WDGMCK1500 Suburban
1979-19862WDGMCK2500 Suburban
1979-19864WDGMCK2500 Suburban
1987-19912WDGMCR1500 Suburban
1987-19914WDGMCR1500 Suburban
1987-19912WDGMCR2500 Suburban
1987-19914WDGMCR2500 Suburban
1987-19912WDGMCV1500 suburban
1987-19914WDGMCV1500 Suburban
1987-19912WDGMCV2500 Suburban
1987-19914WDGMCV2500 Suburban
19974WDFordF-250 HD


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