You Can Now Order The Most Rugged Chevy Colorado Ever

2 hours ago by Aaron Brzozowski Trucks

American Expedition Vehicles is now accepting orders.

If you're looking for a modified off-road rig with an adventurous spirit, you could do worse than American Expedition Vehicles. For more than 20 years, the Montana-based company has been turning out some of the coolest, most rugged off-road rigs available, using Jeep Wranglers and Ram pickups as starting points.

The company must have seen something in the latest Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, however, which is why we have this: the AEV Colorado ZR2 Bison Package. Not to be confused with the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison - a special version of the ZR2 with little more than a few pieces of AEV-developed armor - AEV's Bison Package is much, much more.

And now, AEV is accepting orders for its over-the-top 2020 ZR2 Bison Package.

Coming in at an eye-watering $11,949 on top of the donor Chevrolet Colorado ZR2's purchase price, the Bison Package ups the ante with loads of AEV-developed bits like a 4.10:1 differential gear upgrade, HighMark fender flares, unique wheels, an in-house-designed instrument cluster, low tube center section, jack base, and a rear differential skid plate. It also boasts big, 35-inch BFGoodrich tires and speedometer recalibration to cope with them, a suspension leveling kit from the Chevrolet Performance parts catalog, and a performance tie rod sleeve kit.

Things get even more interesting if you dig into the options sheet, which includes such extras as a $2,343 winch package, a $1,047 recovery gear kit, and even an $859 snorkel.

In addition to the Bison Package, orders are now also open for the non-Bison $12,999 AEV Colorado ZR2 Package, which features much of the same content, but is based on the factory Colorado ZR2 rather than the factory ZR2 Bison. That's prompted some additions - things like standard AEV logo headrests and an AEV rear bumper with recovery hooks, for instance.

Both packages are the result of a collaboration between American Expedition Vehicles and Chevrolet, and while not cheap, the best seldom is, and AEV's reputation speaks for itself.