This Is When The Tesla Pickup Will Arrive

Nov 7, 2019  Ian Wright Electric Car

Musk low-key announces the long-awaited truck will debut this month.

In what's become typical fashion, Elon Musk announced on Twitter, with the passion and punctuation of a stoner, that the Tesla truck will be unveiled on November 21. Except he called it "Cybertruck," and in a further tweet, noted the day was "strangely familiar" while including a video of the opening to the movie Blade Runner. The link is that Blade Runner is set in November of 2019. Musk's constant mentioning of sci-fi in relation to the upcoming truck has led to plenty of renders as to what it might look like, but we still don't really know. All Tesla has shown is one shadowy teaser image that gives nothing away.

We also have no real clue to the truck's specifications, other than Musk's aspirations for it to have a 400-500 miles of range, a towing capacity of 300,000 pounds, seat six people, and outperform a Porsche 911. Oh, and cost less than $49,000. In reality, we wouldn't be surprised if it started at $50,000 and didn't look that crazy.

Tesla has a good chance here to get out in front of the electric truck market, and that means Cybertruck has to be realistic. With Ford making noises about electric F-150 for 2021 and Rivian preparing to launch its R1T, the window for being first to market here is shrinking.


It's also interesting to note that November 21 is the day before the 2019 LA Auto Show opens to the public, and is where Ford is planning to unveil its so-called Mustang-inspired electric SUV. Earlier on the year, Ford dropped its teaser for the electric SUV right on top of Tesla debuting the Model Y, so that may have something to do with the timing. There will be a lot of electric vehicle headlines at the LA Auto Show and Tesla wants to ensure it will be included in some of them.