Pickup Truck Sales Breakdown: February 2018

So far for 2018, pickup truck sales have been a mixed bag. In the mid-size class, the Toyota Tacoma has sold more than 16,000 units in the first two months of the year, giving it strong double-digit sales improvements over this time last year. In fact, the Tacoma is up more than 25 percent for 2018 so far. Another standout is the Nissan Frontier, which sells in smaller numbers than the Tacoma but is up 61 percent so far this year. Only the GMC Canyon and Honda Ridgeline are struggling, both down significantly from last year.

On the full-size front, the Nissans and the Toyota Tundra are holding strong; Chevrolet, Ram and GMC all had double-digit slides during February. The Ford F-Series was in the black with incremental gains for both the month and the year. It's worth noting the Nissan Titans (both the half ton and XD) continue to gain traction in the class. Although Nissan's market share is low, it is selling more Titans than ever before. However, the Nissans are still a long way from giving the Tundra a real sales challenge.

When it comes to manufacturer sales numbers, the competition is getting even tighter. In January, the separation between GM and Ford was several thousand units. In February, they were separated by just several hundred. Whether Ford can keep up this pace without the benefit of a mid-size player is anyone's guess. And just in case you don't remember who won manufacturer sales battle at the end of 2017, GM finished with a lead of more than 50,000 units (948,909 versus 896,764).

We predict the mid-size players will get even more attention as that class continues to grow in popularity and we move into spring, but look for stronger sales from Ram as both the old and new versions of its half tons become available to more dealerships in more trim levels.



Nicely done by the big three. I will say this, so far I drove the Ram, Chevy and F150. I was impressed with the F150 interior, but other than that not so much. The Ram was the most impressive to drive, exterior and interior. I am going to check out the Titan and Toyota next, so far the Ram is the front runner for me.


GM will need to resist the urge to rush the next model into production. Ditto RAM. Dealers must be yelling their heads off with these slowing sales numbers.

The strong figures from Nissan Frontier this year seem to suggest that buyers are bottom feeding, OR that serious truck buyers are waiting for the next generation products from Ford, GM and RAM

papjim: it's an inferior product. Hahaha. You can lead a horse to water...

Great job Nissan Frontier....WOW!!! Talking about getting every last drop out of this thing!!

I'm with everyone else.....I think around Aug. or Sept. GM and Ram are going to have HUGE discounts on 18 models.

Tacoma still has a 2 to 1 sales edge over Colorado!

So much for the Colorado!

The numbers prove Toyota has not lost sales one bit from Colorado, so it looks like grand pa Joe is trading in his Silverado for the Colorado as I suspected when it first came out!

I went by the union hall last Saturday, they were having elections. I would estimate that more then 50% of the vehicles in the parking lot were not union made, pretty sad.

Fullsize-GM has a +7 to 1 over toyota

Waiting to see what the smart ones have to say later on


What trim levels of the Chevy, Ford and RAM have you test driven?

If I had to replace my truck right now I'd most likely go with a diesel Colorado unless I could swing a great deal on a left over 2017 full sized truck.

If only sales numbers reflect QDR, it would be awesome.

@Dave - "union hall" ???

Kinda vague there.

"not union made"

Again, kinda vague.

If the vehicle comes from Japan, it is made by a unionized worker. Same can be said for any import from Europe. With the exception of China, Asian plants are also unionized.
If it is a "Detroit 3" vehicle than the odds are pretty good that it is unionized as well.

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