This world abounds with mysteries. The Yeti, for instance. The fate of D.B. Cooper. Stevie Wonder. Add to the list his McLaren 720S, its roof halfway caved in and much of the car yard sale’d across the desert floor. It’s something of an advertisement for the car’s safety structure but also a bit of a mystery, as the occupants of the vehicle were nowhere to be found.

Nevada Highway Patrol posted up these two pictures of the wreckage at Lake Mead, again focusing on the safety of the vehicle, and slightly skirting around the “rich people careened off the road in the middle of nowhere at ludicrous speed” side of things:

It didn’t take long to figure that this was part of the Corsa Rally West, one of those supercar road rallies that are not races and are not about speeding, as the event joked on Instagram when it wound through Las Vegas: