The reborn off-roader is the top trending automotive topic in 19 U.S. states.

Newsflash folks – people are antsy to see the new Ford Bronco. It’s been a long time coming, but as we get closer to the SUV’s return later this spring, it seems the anticipation gets stronger. The folks at sent us an interesting deep-dive into Google trends reaching back to the beginning of the year, revealing which states are talking about Bronco the most. As popular as the SUV’s revival is, the stats show it’s not the only vehicle on the minds of Americans right now.  

All total, Bronco is the premier auto-related trend on Google among the entire central U.S. and much of the Midwest. Further east, Bronco is also the top auto trend in Maine, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Move past the Continental Divide, however, and Bronco completely disappears. In the west it’s a hodge-podge with Utah and Nevada chatting about the Porsche Taycan, California, Washington, and Hawaii gushing about the Tesla Model Y, Oregon and Alaska talking about the Land Rover Defender, and Arizona is buzzing about the new Corvette. With the state being known for retirees and golf courses, the irony of that revelation is not lost on us.

Speaking of Corvette, it’s easily second on the list with folks in the south and Midwest apparently loving it. The Defender comes back for Virginia and portions of New England, and oddly enough, Vermont and Delaware are all about Rivian. For that matter, we struggle to think of two states more opposite than Rhode Island and Idaho, but the automotive discussion there focuses on the Mustang Mach-E more than anything else.