October 10, 2018

2016 Ram TRX concept

Here is a leaked image that shows the target on-sale date for the 2021 Ram TRX off-road truck, as well as several key specifications. Truck and off-road enthusiasts are hungry for any more details about the upcoming specialized off-roader from Ram. Take a look at the slide/image below!

The slide comes to us via the Addoffroad Instagram account, as published on Oct 9th, 2018. The source of the image is not described, but the shot is taken in a room full of people (looking at the projection screen).

2021 Ram TRX – leaked specs

The slide states that the Ram TRX is targeted to arrive in Q3 2020. As such, it is labeled as 2021 model year. This means that it should reach dealerships about two years from now.

As have been previously known – Ram’s ultimate off-road truck will be powered by a 6.2L supercharged HEMI V8. Indeed, this is the same displacement as the Hellcat V8 that is also available in the Dodge Challenger, Charger, and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. Will it produce 707 horsepower in the TRX? We still have no official indication to this fact. It may be rated at less or more power when it finally comes out.

The slide states that the TRX will ride on an “upgraded frame”, presumably a reinforced frame that should handle the extra power of the supercharged HEMI and the off-road abuse.

The TRX is said to be 2.5 inches higher (not clear if it’s compared to a standard Ram 1500 or a Ram Rebel); 3 inches wider per side; and have 4 additional inches of suspension travel. 35-inch tall tires and “Active Shock absorbers” round out the package.

Does this recipe sound familiar? Indeed, the TRX specifications sound very similar to the Ford F-150 Raptor. The 2019 Raptor has a wider stance, higher clearance, and increased suspension travel. It rides on 35-inch tires and has active shock absorbers (“Live Valve” FOX shocks).

The TRX is weaponized by a big supercharged V8, so upcoming TRX vs Raptor battle will be very interesting. Ford will have time to make other changes to the Raptor for 2021 model year.

FCA and Ram Trucks officially announced that the Ram TRX off-road truck is coming to production on June 1, 2018.