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LIFTKITS4LESS.COM is the largest on-line seller of Suspension Lift Systems. Find the the perfect lift kit for your Truck, SUV or Jeep.

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2017 Ram 1500 Zone 6" Lift Just had lift installed last week. I went with the 3" coils in the rear and the truck looks awesome.
Justin S.Verified Buyer
Fox Shox Purchase Excellent service and great price!
Frank G.Verified Buyer
Installed This 8" BDS kit myself The lift kit is solid and my 2500 Ram looks great riding on an 8" BDS lift with a set of 40/13.5R17 tires without any rubbing.
Brandon F.Verified Buyer
Great ride Excellent
Richard G.Verified Buyer

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Ford F-150 Gets A New High-Tech Interior

Ford F-150 Gets A New High-Tech Interior

12 hours ago by Martin Bigg Interior

This is the futuristic F-150 cabin of our dreams.

The all-new Ford F-150 will make its big debut this year. To prevent alienating fans of Ford's best-selling pickup, the exterior will be subtly refined so it will still be instantly recognizable as an F-150. Instead, more significant changes will be found inside the cabin as the interior will be completely redesigned. With this in mind, artist Pablo Doldán has envisioned the 2021 Ford F-150 with a futuristic, high-tech interior. It's a shame it will never enter production, but we can still dream.

The artist has rendered the 2021 Ford F-150 Raptor with a redesigned steering wheel featuring touch-sensitive controls, a massive Tesla-style portrait screen, and a noticeable lack of physical buttons. It's certainly pleasing to the eye, although the industry has come to learn that there's really no tactical replacement for certain buttons and knobs.

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There's A Good Chance The Ford Bronco Will Go Electric

8 hours ago by Aaron Brzozowski Off-Road

Ford's Bronco brand strategy is pulling no punches.

Ford's hotly anticipated new Bronco is on the way, and it might be poised to launch sooner than we'd thought.

Originally set to debut in June before reportedly entering production around mid-July, the Ford Bronco was delayed as the global coronavirus pandemic forced Ford to shut down its US manufacturing facilities for a couple of months. Those factories are only just now starting to reopen, and Ford is exercising caution, reducing shifts and maintaining greater distance between vehicles on the assembly line to keep workers safe.

As a result of all that, there had been some question as to whether the 2021 Ford Bronco would make it to market before the end of the year. But as big of news as that is, there's something bigger.

After the Bronco and its smaller, unibody cousin the Ford Bronco Sport launch, Ford will be watching their performance in the showroom closely as they decide whether to expand "Bronco" into its own off-road vehicle sub-brand.

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History Of The Modern Electric Car

History Of The Modern Electric Car

May 27, 2020 by Ian Wright Car Culture

The 10 most important cars that got us to where we are today.

The first electric cars were built in the 1830s, while electric taxis were commonplace in New York until the early 1900s. However, the rise of the internal combustion engine in the 1920s put an end to that. As the internal combustion engine offered a much higher range, commercial electric cars ceased to be viable commercial products until automakers started looking at them seriously again in the 1990s. The catalyst for the modern all-electric car came when California passed the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate that aimed to ensure that two percent of the vehicles sold in the state would be zero emissions by 1998, and 10 percent by 2003. However, before the legislation came into effect, GM took the bull by the horns, and that's where we'll start our history of the modern electric car.

General Motors EV1 (1996–2003)

The 1990 GM Impact electric concept not only inspired California's legislation, but also the General Motors EV1 that was designed from the ground up as a fully electric car and marketed as a General Motors product. The vehicle was only initially available through lease agreements for residents of Los Angeles, California, and Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona. Consumers warmly received it, 1,117 were built across two generations, and the second generation had a range of 80-100 miles. GM wasn't happy about the cost of the lead-acid battery technology, though, and toward the end of its run, EV1 models were retro-fitted with NiMH batteries.

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Detroit Three have a new competitor in the electric pickup war — it's called Endurance

Jamie L. LaReau
Detroit Free Press
May 26, 2019

The next time you might be considering an F-150, Silverado or Ram pickup, Lordstown Motors CEO Steve Burns wants you to know something.

“If you’re stuck in the mud next to a traditional pickup, we’ll come out first," Burns said of the all-electric Endurance pickup that his company will start selling next year.

Some might say "them's fightin' words" in the truck wars. But it's not only getting out of the mud that Burns bets the Endurance can do first.

He plans to dominate the all-electric pickup market segment for years even though he is taking on big guns Ford Motor Co. and General Motors, who both plan to offer all-electric pickups in the future and who currently sell the No. 1 and No. 2 best-selling pickups in the nation, respectively. 

“It’s a very difficult business to break into and it’s been dominated by names that have been here for a long time," Burns said in an interview with the Free Press. "But you don’t see anybody dedicated exclusively to light-duty all-electric trucks and we will be dedicated to it."

'A clear lane'

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Jeep's Design Boss Says The Gladiator Ain't Pretty

Jeep's Design Boss Says The Gladiator Ain't Pretty

May 26, 2020 by Karl Furlong Design

Not many design bosses would say this out loud.

It took Jeep nearly 30 years to re-enter the pickup truck segment with the 2020 Gladiator, and most will agree that the wait has been worth it. The Gladiator offers superb off-road chops, along with the unique ability for its body panels and roof to be removed for a true outdoor experience. Even Hennessey saw so much potential in the Gladiator that they turned it into a 1,000 hp ultimate off-road machine for a cool $225,000.

A big part of the Gladiator's appeal is its unique proportions, but even Jeep's own head of design, Mark Allen, wasn't always sure about the styling. In a recent chat with CarsGuide, Allen admitted that it took the Jeep team "a long time to stomach the proportions." Well, that's as honest an assessment as any you're likely to hear.

"The Gladiator is odd when you stare at it in profile," elaborated Allen. "I incorrectly predicted that having a convertible top on a pick-up would be dumb. But now, it's my favorite feature. I say this a lot: It's not pretty. But it's pretty cool."

Now that Jeep is back in the pickup segment, Allen was also asked whether the brand would consider introducing a second, smaller truck option. While he wasn't averse to the idea, he admitted that it's unlikely, without ruling out the prospect entirely.

"I would like to take the challenge," he said. "It's probably not going to happen right away, but I do like small trucks. I always have."

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Read This Before Buying A 2020 Ford Raptor

The Raptor has been one of the best performance trucks on the market, but should you get the latest model? Read this to find out.

Since 1977, Ford's F-150 pickup truck has been the best-selling truck in the United States and is also the best-selling car in Canada. The release of the F-150 Raptor tells us that Ford has continued its legacy of reinventing its popular line of pickup trucks. When Ford released its high-performance F-150 Raptor, it quickly became popular and led to great success.

The F-150 Raptor is the modified version of the basic F-150 pickup truck. The F-150 Raptor can easily accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about 5 seconds, while moving across difficult terrain – keep in mind that we are talking about a pickup truck, not a sports car. This feature pretty much tells us about the capabilities of the Raptor.

For quite a while now, the Raptor has been one of the best performance trucks on the market, and it is considered a supercar among trucks. So, before buying the new 2020 Ford Raptor read through the following.

15 Excellent Trail Control

The Raptor has excellent Trail Control; this is a high-tech feature that can help you when driving on challenging terrains. To take advantage of this feature, you only have to set a speed, and this system will automatically deliver torque and braking force to the wheels as your driving conditions change.

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Will a Hand Sanitizer Bottle Explode in Your Car? Probably Not, but Be Safe Anyway

Will a Hand Sanitizer Bottle Explode in Your Car? Probably Not, but Be Safe Anyway

Firefighters raise alarm that alcohol-containing sanitizer plus hot weather can equal trouble. How much trouble? Enough that you shouldn't leave it in the car.

  • If you're carrying alcohol-based hand sanitizer wherever you go, congratulations—it's what we've been advised to do by public-health authorities during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • However, don't leave it inside your car, because the very alcohol that helps kill germs is also very flammable.
  • A firefighter group issued an alarming warning that a bottle of sanitizer could blow up a car's door. Though their photo was found to be misleading, they still claim that the contents of that Purell bottle could potentially reach as high as 300 degrees if left in a hot car in bright sunlight.

Without being alarmist, the rising temperatures mean the inside of your car will get hot very quickly—so don't leave a bottle of hand sanitizer in there, just in case.

The fire department of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, has issued a warning that alcohol-based sanitizer bottles should not be left in cars because there's a possibility they could explode. Their warning is echoed by the National Fire Protection Association, which issued a video (below) in April saying hand sanitizer's flash point is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which means

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2021 GMC Canyon Has Two New Adventure-Ready Packages

2021 GMC Canyon Has Two New Adventure-Ready Packages

7 hours ago by Aaron Brzozowski Trucks

The package includes a bed sport bar and some off-road lights - perfect for your next excursion.

While the GMC Canyon pickup truck and its bowtie-badged sibling, the Chevrolet Colorado, will enter the new 2021 model year essentially unchanged, brand new options packages are on the horizon as GM works to keep its mid-size trucks fresh and relevant in the midst of an all-new Ford Ranger. The latest: new for 2021, GM will offer a new dealer-installed "Sport Bar and Lighting Package" for the 2021 GMC Canyon, feeding into the lifestyle truck's sense of adventure.

The package consists of a slick-looking bed sport bar, likely similar - if not identical - to the one offered through GM's parts store, and some weatherproof off-road lights for maintaining visibility during your next dusk-time off-road excursion.

No doubt the new Sport Bar and Lighting Package will be a welcome addition to the GMC Canyon options list, as the truck has found a home with off-roading enthusiasts who prefer something a bit smaller and more maneuverable than the full-size Sierra.

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No, The New Ford F-150 Won't Debut On June 19

No, The New Ford F-150 Won't Debut On June 19

2 hours ago by Aaron Brzozowski Trucks

But it's coming soon.

It's coming: an all-new version of the best-selling Ford F-150 pickup truck. And while the redesigned truck seems poised to be more evolutionary than revolutionary, representing a far smaller leap forward than, say, when Ford gave its full-size pickup a lightweight aluminum body, truck fans are nonetheless understandably psyched.

But earlier, we came across a rumor doing the rounds that originated on the F150Gen14 forum alleging the new truck will be revealed in full to the public on June 19, several days after members of the press get to see the truck at a special sneak-preview event. However, that is untrue - unfortunately.

The truth is far less interesting: that we don't honestly know when the 2021 Ford F-150 is set to be revealed. Some info about the new fourteenth-generation truck is expected to come out as soon as next week, but a spokesperson with Ford told us rather categorically that June 19 "actually isn't the correct date."

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There’s a New Cheapest Pickup Truck in America for 2020

Manufacturer image

By Aaron Bragman

For years, the Nissan Frontier was the price-leading champ if you were looking for a basic, simple, utilitarian pickup truck. It wasn’t big and it wasn’t fancy, but it was dead-nuts reliable and came with a bed, a relatively efficient four-cylinder engine and a manual transmission. It clocked in at a tick under $20,000, or $20,385 when you factored in the required destination and delivery fee.

But for 2020, Nissan stuffed the new 3.8-liter V-6 and nine-speed automatic transmission from the next-generation 2021 Frontier into the slightly updated 2020 model. It added in new standard equipment like power windows and locks, a tilting steering column and leather-wrapped steering wheel, then jacked up the prices to cover it. The cheapest 2020 Frontier you can buy is now a whopping $7,500 more expensive than the cheapest 2019 model, taking it well out of contention for being the cheapest pickup you can buy in America.

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