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LIFTKITS4LESS.COM is the largest on-line seller of Suspension Lift Systems. Find the the perfect lift kit for your Truck, SUV or Jeep.

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2017 Ram 1500 Zone 6" Lift Just had lift installed last week. I went with the 3" coils in the rear and the truck looks awesome.
Justin S.Verified Buyer
Fox Shox Purchase Excellent service and great price!
Frank G.Verified Buyer
Installed This 8" BDS kit myself The lift kit is solid and my 2500 Ram looks great riding on an 8" BDS lift with a set of 40/13.5R17 tires without any rubbing.
Brandon F.Verified Buyer
Great ride Excellent
Richard G.Verified Buyer

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Ram Creates New Way To Discover The TRX

Ram Creates New Way To Discover The TRX

21 hours ago by Jared Rosenholtz Technology

It uses augmented reality!

If you just purchased a high-performance truck like the new 2021 Ram 1500 TRX, chances are you want to learn about every button, switch, and feature that it has. Ram has now made that a lot easier with a new high-tech option for TRX owners with the announcement that the TRX will be the first FCA vehicle to feature its new Know & Go mobile app.

This new smartphone application uses an augmented reality overlay on the built-in camera to give owners a live description of various vehicle features. Imagine having an owner's manual on your phone that works just by pointing the camera at a particular button or feature.

Ram says it developed the Know & Go app in less than three months after a group of FCA employees pitched it during a company Pitch Night. More than 500 original ideas were presented to FCA's CEO, with Know & Go ultimately winning out.

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2021 Ford Ranger STX SE: Jazz Up Your Truck For Not Very Much Money

September 23, 2020

2021 Ford Ranger with the STX SE package:

Ford announces another addition to the 2021 Ranger Lineup, it’s the STX Special Edition. This is a relatively affordable way to jazz up a base Ranger XL truck and add technology at the same time.

2021 Ford Ranger

When you start with a base Ranger XL work truck, you can add the STX appearance package to it for $2,130. The STX package requires that you get the 101A technology upgrade package as well.

For the 2021 model year (that goes into production in early 2021), you will also be able to get the STX Special Edition (SE) package for an additional $995.

The SE packages includes:

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Futuristic GMC Sierra Could Eat Cybertrucks For Breakfast

Futuristic GMC Sierra Could Eat Cybertrucks For Breakfast

4 hours ago by Jared Rosenholtz Design

At least if this GM designer's creation comes into being.

Truck grilles seemingly grow more massive and more intimidating with each passing generation, with the General Motors duo of the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra acting as particular standouts. It's hard to imagine a truck with a larger grille than what is on sale today, but that's precisely what one GM designer decided to create. Posted on the official General Motors Design Instagram page, this rendering of a next-generation GMC Sierra HD Denali could frighten small children (and possibly even adults) with its massive front end.

Unlike most of the futuristic renderings we show here, this one has some potential to reach production because it comes from within the GM umbrella.

The design was penned by a Cadillac Exterior Designer who may have gone a bit overboard with the truck's grille and headlight layout.

We don't know much about the sketch aside from our initial impressions, as the caption on Instagram only says, "Road meet Truck. Incredible." Incredible is undoubtedly an accurate word for it. The truck appears to be a Sierra 3500 or possibly even a 4500 based on its massive stature and dual rear wheels. It's hard to look past the grille though, which looks large enough to fit a smaller truck inside it with a secondary grille situated below it.

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he Jeep Wrangler Islander Returns Bringing Chill Vibes To The Lineup

The Jeep Wrangler Islander Returns Bringing Chill Vibes To The Lineup

12 hours ago by Aaron Brzozowski Special Editions

It's Jeep's first Islander model in ten years.

Jeep, the proprietor of adventurer-minded utility vehicles and one off-road capable pickup truck, is not one to neglect its history. The Jeep Wrangler, for instance, still pays homage to its roots as a WWII-era military utility vehicle with the Willys trim, named after Willys-Overland - one of the three companies tapped to build military Jeeps during the war.

Now, Jeep is dusting off another name from its bin of historical monikers: Islander. For 2021, the Jeep Wrangler Islander returns to the lineup after a decade-long absence, with a special new aesthetic meant to evoke images of tropical Hawaiian beaches.

Based on the rather cosmopolitan Sport S model, the Jeep Wrangler Islander's most distinguishing feature is its "Islander" and Tiki Bob hood decals, which run along either side of the hood. The SUV also sits on 17-inch wheels finished in silver, wrapped in all-season tires - no all-terrain rubber available here. A pair of rock rails borrowed from the Wrangler Rubicon model round off the exterior aesthetic touches, although you probably won't be using them much with those all-seasons; they're mostly just for show.

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Rivian R1T Faces Toughest Challenge Yet

Rivian R1T Faces Toughest Challenge Yet

Sep 22, 2020 by Martin Bigg Video

Rivian tested the R1T's towing capacity at temperatures of up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

As a startup company that has yet to roll a single model off the production line, Rivian has a lot to prove with its first electric models, the R1T pickup and R1S SUV. To make sure the R1T lives up to expectations, Rivian has subjected the electric pickup to extreme hot weather to test the towing capacity, battery cooling, and cabin comfort.

To prove the electric pickup's towing capacity, Rivian took the R1T for a grueling trip across the demanding Arizona State Route 88 stretch of highway, also known as the Davis Dam Grade. The route begins at an elevation of 550 feet near the banks of the Colorado River in Bullhead City before climbing through the Black Mountains to more than 3,500 feet in just 11.4 miles before ending near Golden Valley, Arizona.

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There's Bad News About The Ford Bronco Sport

There's Bad News About The Ford Bronco Sport

1 hour ago by Aaron Brzozowski Off-Road

Flat-towing is off the table - unless you can find a clever work-around.

Flat-towing a car - that is, towing it with all four wheels on the ground, transmission in Neutral - is bad practice unless you know your vehicle was designed for it.

That isn't necessarily common knowledge, but it's the truth: pulling a vehicle along, both axles on the ground, turns the wheels. Those wheels turn the half shafts, which transmit torque through the entire drivetrain, including vital transmission components. If the vehicle is an automatic, or if it's a manual that relies on an engine-driven pump for proper lubrication, those components are spinning and they aren't getting the lubrication they need, causing accelerated wear.

Why are we telling you all this? It's setup for what follows: the 2021 Ford Bronco Sport has not been designed for flat-towing.

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It's A Great Time To Buy A Ford Super Duty Truck

It's A Great Time To Buy A Ford Super Duty Truck

Yesterday by Karl Furlong Pricing

Ford is offering some attractive incentives on its large trucks this month.

With the all-new Ford F-150 now fully revealed, Ford recently offered some attractive incentives on the outgoing F-150. But what if you need a heavy-duty truck with more capability? Well, there's some more good news higher up in the Ford truck lineup as several tempting deals are being offered for the Super Duty range in September. The only limitation will be location, as not all offers are available nationwide.

For customers willing to purchase a 2019 model, a cashback rebate of up to $3,500 is being offered in certain markets and is one of the best incentives this month, with 2020 versions offering a saving of $1,500.

Retail customers can additionally take advantage of 3.9 percent APR over a period of 60 months for the 2020 Super Duty, but according to Ford Authority, this offer only applies to the Detroit market.

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Official: Ford Bronco Sasquatch Package Will Now Offer A Manual

Official: Ford Bronco Sasquatch Package Will Now Offer A Manual

11 hours ago by Jared Rosenholtz Off-Road

Your prayers have been answered.

The 2021 Ford Bronco will offer an off-road Sasquatch Package, which adds tons of equipment, including 35-inch tires, locking differentials, Trail Control, a 4.7 final drive ratio, and raised suspension. Off-road enthusiasts should love this option, but when Ford announced that it could not be combined with the seven-speed manual transmission, the internet went berserk. Bronco fans quickly created an online petition for Ford to offer the Sasquatch Package with the manual.

While a noble effort, we didn't think Ford would listen, since internet demands rarely mirror shopper's real-world buying habits. Well, we were quickly proven wrong as several Bronco prototypes were spotted with the Sasquatch Package and a manual gearbox. Now, Ford confirms that it will offer the package with a seven-speed manual option.

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Lincoln Won't Build Another Pickup

8 hours ago by Sebastian Cenizo Trucks

We can't say we're disappointed.

It's not always the one that does something first that becomes the most successful. Apple didn't invent the cellphone and Microsoft didn't invent the computer, but each of those companies became market leaders by perfecting their product long after the world had been introduced to similar alternatives. When it comes to luxury pickup trucks, Lincoln was one of the first to dip its toe into that water, but instead of success, it found failure in the Blackwood. Along with its second attempt, the Mark LT, Lincoln saw anything but success with the luxury pickup. However, the world has since evolved, so is it time to look backwards for inspiration?

Ford's F-150 is available in various highly luxurious configurations and Ram has followed suit with special trim levels of its pickup offerings too, so there is clearly money to be made there. Yet Mercedes-Benz built the X-Class not long ago and that has been a monumental flop. It seems that buyers don't appreciate luxury brands stepping into so-called blue-collar segments of the auto industry but will gladly accept "lesser" brands that reach for higher levels of excellence.

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The Hyundai Santa Cruz Will Be One Handsome Truck

The Hyundai Santa Cruz Will Be One Handsome Truck

14 hours ago by Jay Traugott Trucks

Applying Tuscon styling to a pickup body.

Spy shots have confirmed the Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup truck is coming but with the recent reveal of the all-new Hyundai Tucson, we now have a great idea of what it'll ultimately look like. The front-end of the new compact crossover adopts the carmaker's new design language with sharp edges and crease lines along the sides while the angled wheel wells are also another nice touch.

All in all, Hyundai went above and beyond here, and the compact crossover segment may never be the same. Put it this way: the Ford Escape and Honda CR-V suddenly look rather bland.

But there was another thought we had, shared by rendering artist KDesign AG on Behance: the Tucson's styling will look fantastic when applied to a truck.

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